2021 Battle Foam VIP Club

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  • 2021 Battle Foam VIP Club
  • 2021 Battle Foam VIP Club
  • 2021 Battle Foam VIP Club
  • 2021 Battle Foam VIP Club
  • 2021 Battle Foam VIP Club
  • 2021 Battle Foam VIP Club




Welcome to the Battle Foam VIP Club Membership Program!

Welcome to the Battle Foam VIP Club Membership Program!  Our annual VIP program offers many benefits that are normally not available. Permanent discounts, special annual member only sales, rush processing, free shipping, and a special loot backpack with all kinds of goodies.  The Battle Foam VIP program is a great way to save money, and get the latest storage for your valuable miniatures.  Here are some of the highlights of the program. 

  • Welcome Aboard Loot Backpack - All Members will receive an exclusive Battle Foam Backpack, Key Chain, Patch, and Luggage Tag! First, you will get a great, functional, quality, Backpack to help carry your personal effects while traveling with your Battle Foam bags.  You will also get a key chain to keep those key rings stylish, a Patch to attach to any of your Battle Foam bags or new Backpack, and a Luggage Tag to help keep track of your bag when flying to a gaming event!  
  • 5% Additional Discount - All members will receive an extra 5% off on all online purchases through our www.battlefoam.com web store.  And yes, this stacks with our Annual Sales for a Super Discount!  All you have to do is make sure you are logged into your account and your new, discounted prices will show. Military personnel will also find that their 15% discount is in addition to the new 5% VIP discount if they are members. That gives our awesome former and current military members a continues 20% discount on all Battle Foam products. 
  • Rush Order Processing - Being a VIP Member will move your orders directly to the front of the processing queue. All VIP member orders will fall in line as they come in with other VIP members. This will cut ahead of all current orders and help produce and ship your order faster. During our annual sales having a rush order will greatly increase the speed that you see your package ship.
  • Free Shipping over $275 - VIP Members will get free shipping on any order that meets or exceeds $275.00 after discounts. This is valid for the lower 48 states regardless how large your order it. 
  • VIP Member Annual Sale - On February 1st and 2nd of each year our VIP members will enjoy a special sale just for them. This 2 day sale will allow VIP members to select the items they want knowing they are saving more then the average shopper. Everything on our site will be reduced and the sale will stack with our VIP membership 5% discount. Currently we have 3 scheduled Annual Sales throughout the year, but we wanted to add a 4th just for our VIP Members!  
  • Special Offer and Insider News - Being a member isn't just about the loot, 5% Discount, and Rush Order Processing, but also the awesome, unique offers that VIP Members will get.  We are creating a special section on the site that will have deals just for Members.  This can vary from First Access on our Clearance Foam, to extra discounts on specific bags and kits. These offers will be communicated in a special VIP Newsletter for all of the members. 


A VIP Memberships last 12 months from the time of purchase, rounded to the next month in your favor.  Example, purchase a VIP Membership Feb 15th 2019, it will last until March 1st 2020.  Memberships auto expire and do not require any action on your part to cancel.  In essence, these auto-cancel instead of auto-renew.  If you would like to renew early or buy multiple years at a time, please e-mail info@battlefoam.com and we can work out the details!  The Annual Membership Price will be charged at time of purchase.  Welcome Aboard Loot Packs ship out for free within the United States with each membership, and contents change yearly.  1st year loot packs ship within 2 weeks of signup. The contents of the loot packs will change each year but may change throughout the year at our discretion. The Battle Foam website will be updated if changes are made to the loot packs. 



Q. Does the 5% Discount Stack with my Military Discount?

A. Yes all military members who have an active account with Battle Foam and join the VIP program will have their discount adjusted so it shows a combined amount of 20% off. 


Q. When do I get my Loot Pack?

A. The 2019 VIP Gift Pack will ship within 2 weeks of your sign up date.  


Q. What if I placed an order in the past and buy the VIP Membership now, can I get the discount?

A. This discount cannot be applied retroactively to shipped orders.  It will only apply to future orders.


Q. When I go to check-out, I am not seeing the 5% discount.  Is my Membership not active?

A. First, make sure you are logged in to your account.  Second, your discount shows live as you are shopping and does not wait for or need the cart view!  You can compare this by opening an Incognito Window to see the difference.  If you have tried both of these and it doesn't show a difference, please e-mail info@battlefoam.com so we can investigate!


Q. So just to be sure, the 5% stacks with the big discount you offer during your Annual Sales?

A. Yes!  You will see the 5% discount while you are shopping, then when you go to your cart, the Sale Discounts will apply and you will see a combined total saving you even more. 

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