Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out

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  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag Standard Load Out
  • This option comes with one troop foam tray as pictured and one pluck foam tray.


The Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag is a great accessory for this role playing game. The large main pocket will comfortably fit the Iron Kingdoms Core Rules or can be used to carry a laptop instead. An expandable zipper on the large pocket adds two inches of storage space to make room to carry additional rulebooks.

There are additional pockets to store papers, thinner books or even an iPad. This bag has a pocket specifically made to store one foam tray in order to easily transport your RPG miniatures. Another pocket is available to store dice and other gaming accessories. The front of this pocket has four smaller pockets for holding game cards.

The front flap of the bag has a velcro friendly area for attaching the Iron Kingdoms patch. There are two snap closures to securely close the front flap of the bag. On the back side of this bag, an extremely convenient pocket is there for storing your cell phone or other need-to-get-to-quickly items. A Battle Foam and Privateer Press logo are also embroidered on the back of the bag so you know it's a quality product.

This bag comes with one pluck foam tray and one troop foam tray as well as one Iron Kingdoms patch.

Tray Dimensions - 9W x 6L x 1.5H" (229W x 152L x 38H mm)

Foam Tray Pocket Dimensions - 10W x 7L x 2H" (254W x 178L x 50H mm)

Outside Bag Dimensions - 17W x 14L x 5H" (432W x 356L x 127H mm)

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Warning: This bag design is intellectual property of Battle Foam® and it is protected by Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction of this design is prohibited by Federal Law and is subject to criminal prosecution

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4 Reviews

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    Awesome bag for any RPG night!

    Posted by Lucas on 25th May 2018

    I love this bag from the moment I got it. I don’t play Iron Kingdoms but this is a great bag for any form of RPG event you may go too. I am removing one star because the small container for mini’s does not have side wall protection. I’ve broken a couple of minis when my bag fell over and when I put it in the back of the car for a trip. Please add some form of protection in this small pocket!

  • 5
    Awesome bag!! Worth every penny spent!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Dec 2013

    Again I have ordered another Battlefoam product and I am not disappointed. The IKRPG Messenger bag is perfect for not only my IKRPG needs but just about any RPG I am playing at the time. Tons of space for books and a great place to store the minis I will be using that night. I love the fact that I never have to hunt down a pencil because it is all found under the front flap and I use the front little zip-up pocket for dice. This bag is just one more reason why I keep coming back to Battlefoam for my Miniature (and now RPG) bag needs!!

  • 5
    It's everything they say it is.

    Posted by Justin D. on 28th Jun 2013

    This bag is everything they say it is. It's high quality and very good for carrying your rpg books around. It was designed for Iron Kingdoms but I've used it just add well for Pathfinder and even for carrying around small point Warmachine armies. This bag is very versatile and I think most gamers could find a use for it. Definitely highly recommended. Note that if you are a Pathfinder player and you want to carry huge base creatures you will want the custom or pluck foam options.

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    Great Bag, Great Value

    Posted by Burt from Delaware on 24th Apr 2013

    I've had my Iron Kingdoms messenger bag for quite a while now. It's big. It holds book, sheets, dice, supplements and figures! That's right! On the inside front of the bag is a tray with space enough to hold all the minis for your role-playing characters and then some. If you want to customize your tray, the good folks at Battle Foam provide a pluck foam tray.

    This bag is sure to become your go-to RPG bag!

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