Contest Information


Thank you for your interest in participating in our Battle Foam Mini Showcase!  Below you will find out how to participate, and our FAQ.


All entries must have a hashtag(#) of #battlefoamminishowcase in your social media post to be eligible.  Only Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts will be seen and reviewed.  Also, there must be a written note with #battlefoamminishowcase and the date (MM/DD/YY) in the picture you send.  This helps keep our content current, and to help ensure it is your models you are showcasing.  Please see our example picture below.  Single models, units, armies, and/or dioramas can be submitted from any game system or manufacturer.  All submission must be built and painted, but does not have to be a standard look.  All entries are accepted at our own discretion, and we reserve the right to refuse any entries, without any notice, if rules or content does not align.  Please reach out to if further questions arise.



A winner will be selected at random and announced through our social media, at least once a month.  This can occur more, depending on how many entries we receive and how often.  The winner can be anywhere from the world that we ship to, and can get a free Battle Foam tray up to our Battle Foam Large size and up to 7", including custom.  We reserve the right to decline certain trays and designs if they are not within reason of production.  Shipping is also covered to anywhere in the world for said prize and will be sent by the service at our discretion.  Once sent, we are no longer responsible for the prize, but will help with any claims or issues from the shipper if they arise.  Winners can be eligible for the contest again after 12 months from a previous win.


Q. Why do I need to include a note of #battlefoamminishowcase and the date in the photo of my submission?

A. We want to help ensure that the models belong to the owner and that the pictures remain current.  We don't want someone to take an image from a forum or post and use it as theirs.

Q. Can I get a custom Nimitz tray or a tray larger than 7"?

A. The largest size offered in the prize is a Battle Foam Large up to 7".  There are items that can be worked out if you win and decide to pay some out of pocket.

Q. I am in the military overseas, can I still share and win?

A. Of course!  First, thank you for your service.  Second, we can ship it to an APO, AFO and the sort.  

Q. My model has nude parts, is that ok?

A. We try to be as broad with our content as possible, but, if the model is in good taste and not considered generally offensive, it can be allowed.

Q. Are commissioned models acceptable?

A. Yes.  As long as you state in your post it is a commission and you can even share the artist.  This does not impact chances due to the winner being selected at random

Q. Do(es) the model(s) have to be painted?

A. Yes.  We want to encourage the assembly and/or painting of miniatures, as this is such a great part of our hobby!  Basing will not be required, but appreciated.  Skill does not matter due to the winner being selected at random, so we welcome people just starting out to veteran painters.  You never know, you might get some great inspiration or make a connection with someone!

Q. Can my prize be a custom tray that I trace my models for?

A. Yes!  One of the great things about Battle Foam is our ability to make custom foam.  Whether you use our newly renovated Custom Tray Creator, or trace your own models, we can make it happen!  You can also select a standard tray, or even a Custom Topper as a prize!