Ryan's Hobby Hangout Age of Sigmar Spearheads Wave 1 June 2024

Ryan's Hobby Hangout Age of Sigmar Spearheads Wave 1 June 2024

Hey there, Battle Foam fans, my name’s Ryan and I’ve been a miniatures/wargaming nerd since I was 12 years old. One of my many roles here at Battle Foam is building all the new releases from Games Workshop, Asmodee and many other gaming companies to get them ready for our legendary miniature storage solutions. Every week I’m building some new release, and thought I’d add my two cents out into the community. Here I’d like to highlight some of my favorite aspects of building, maybe some things that grind my gears as well as some hobby tips for building each release.

This week we’re building Some of the new Age of Sigmar Spearheads in anticipation of the new 4th edition releasing on July 13th. This time around we’re building the Cities of Sigmar, The Gloomspite Gitz and the Ossiarch Bonereapers.

I’m not too big into AoS myself, so for a lot of these kits, it’ll be my first time building them, so I’m really excited about that. Gitz and Bonereapers were both very straight forward and didn’t present any issues for me, but the Cities of Sigmar was a different story.

There were a few things in the Cities of Sigmar set that I could add my insight to potentially help you when building your kit. For the Cavalier Marshal, I found it easiest to leave his flag off until you’ve glued him into the saddle. The instructions tell you to do it the opposite way, but if you do, you might have a hassle getting him into the saddle, so glue him in first to avoid any major headaches. The other thing was for the Ironweld Great Cannon. If you choose the variant with the guy hoisting the cannon shells, I found it easiest to glue his arm to the rope mechanism first, glue the mechanism to the cannon, and finally line up the guy with his arm. I felt if I were to do it the way the instructions told me to, then I might have misaligned something, but doing it this way, there was no misalignment possible.

My favorite models out of these sets were the Squig Hoppers/Boingrot Bounders. The figures were very dynamic, like most all GW sculpts are nowadays, but there was still a bit of customization. The lent to a lot of variety when building out your Spearhead

Well, that’s it this time, come back around for our breakdown of the next three Spearheads!

20th Jun 2024 Ryan Battle Foam

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