Battle Foam Boot Camp




Welcome to Battle Foam Boot Camp! Here at Battle Foam, we know that creating a storage solution for your Mini’s can be a tedious task, that is why we created this section. While going through the Boot Camp page you will find useful tools, tips, tricks and other information to help guide you along.

There are three (3) main sections to the Battle Foam website, Shop by Game, Shop by Foam Trays, and Shop by Magna Racks.

To shop by game, you will see all the bags, foam trays and game box foam trays that we have for each specific one, we even specify armies and sometimes models. This is great if you have a game but do not know what options would be best for you. It is a great starting point if you do not have a solution in mind.

To shop by foam trays, you will see our entire list of tray sizes. By clicking a certain size, you will see all the games we make in that tray size. This is a helpful way to look for trays by size if you already have a bag you want to fill or have a bag in mind you want to use.

To shop for Magna Racks, you will see our large, medium and small sizes along with the Original and Slider versions. The Original version is static and does not move, it is great for displaying or a cost-effective magnetic solution. The Slider version comes with a frame and a moveable tray that can detach to make adding and removing miniatures easier. Both versions have the same three sizes, each size corresponds to specific bags. The Magna Racks can be purchased with or without the bag it is intended for. You can also purchase individual trays and other Magna Rack accessories to supplement your set up or to create your own.

Another great option is to create your own custom designed tray. You can see our tutorial on how to use the Custom Tray Creator linked here. If you have models that we have not created shapes for yet or you have some custom work done to them, you can use the Custom Order form to trace and submit the models you need. You can email your traces to . You can find the information for this linked here.

Along this same route you can also create a custom load out for many of our bags and cases. These can be filled with your choice of pre-designed trays from the website, custom designed trays/traces or a mixture of them! This is a great way to maximize the trays and space in your bag.

Here are a few links that are also helpful when compiling, creating and finding solutions for your army.

Here you will find a list of all the Battle Foam Tray sizes and the corresponding bags that they fit in.

Here you will find a list of all the Battle Foam bags/cases and how much of the foam tray size will fit inside.

Here you will find an example of how to sort your army to find the best solution.

General Baggy and Magna are happy to see you’ve reached the end of their Boot Camp! If you have any further questions, concerns, or need additional list consulting support, our Customer Solutions team is here to help. If you would like them to take over and provide a solution for you, we now offer our Army Consulting Service. This service can be found here. There are instructions on the page when you are ready to request the support team.