(Custom) Custom Battle Foam Large Foam Tray (BFL)

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  • (Custom) Custom Battle Foam Large Foam Tray (BFL)
  • (Custom) Custom Battle Foam Large Foam Tray (BFL)
$31.99 - $51.99

Maximum file size is 999, file types are jpg, gif, png, tif, pdf, svg


We center, align, and space all trays to achieve good uniformity unless specifically informed per design.

Design your own Battle Foam Large size tray to fit your army's specific needs.  You can use the Custom Tray Creator to determine your tray's layout.  You can also trace your customized models and the Battle Foam Design Team will design your tray.

When designing custom trays to fill your bag, remember to add 1/4 inch (6 mm) to every tray to allow space for the bottoms.

You can attach your Custom Tray Creator design to this item and then click "Add to Cart".  Your design will be submitted with your online order. 

You may also submit your designs by emailing them to info@battlefoam.com or faxing them to 877-854-4244.  Please reference your name and order number when sending your information.

Tray Dimensions - 15.5W x 12L" (394W x 305L mm)

*Direct Item only


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90 Reviews

  • 5
    Custom Foam Tray

    Posted by Nick on 5th Mar 2021

    Love both the custom trays I ordered. Being able to search a very thorough list of pre-set shapes is absolutely awesome. Will definitely be ordering again.

  • 5
    Custom Trays

    Posted by Gabe Dobkin on 20th Jan 2021

    The custom tray creator is a somewhat finicky to get accustomed to, but once you figure it out, it is awesome! The customization options on these products are incredible and for hobbyists who have an endless assortment of differently shaped miniatures, this product is the greatest thing ever, ever!!! Thank you.

  • 5
    Love the ability to customize trays.

    Posted by JD Copes on 7th Jan 2021

    Double check your dimensions when customizing. Don't under-size your purchase.

  • 5
    Custom Hex Foam

    Posted by Bob on 5th Jan 2021

    Turned out better than expected. Looked great and fits the mechs.

  • 3
    Useful but caution advised

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2020

    These can be really handy. If you stick with the standard cutouts (squares, circles, etc.) issues should be minimal, and it’s nice to customize to what you actually need vs having a bunch of unused spaces. The tray creator is super easy to use as well! However, tread carefully with the premade custom shapes for specific models. I have tried out quite a few over the years and have generally been content. Obviously, they only take into consideration very standard positions/poses, so you really need to watch what configuration your model is in. In certain cases some custom shapes do not account for the model being on a base that is included in a kit and it’s not made very clear that is the case. Battle Foam Says: Hello! You are correct that our Custom Shapes for our Custom Trays are for standard builds. We do have the ability to take traces though, which means we can cut the shape to fit your exact build. We will do better in labeling in the future if there are variants within! Thank you for the review!

  • 5
    Custom Tray

    Posted by matt schroeder on 3rd Sep 2020

    Works out well if you want to store an odd assortment of minis.

  • 5
    Custom Foam Perfection

    Posted by Erik on 12th Aug 2020

    The custom cut foam is one of the 2 best options for your foam trays (the other being pluck foam). Be smart - get foam to fit your army's needs. Going the other way around is silly (i.e. buying models to fill foam).

  • 5
    Excellent product but careful with custom

    Posted by NICOLAS FLAGEY on 13th Jul 2020

    The foam is much stronger than that used in other pluck trays so I feel safer about my figurines in it. The Custom tray service is super useful to arrange your figurines the wat you want, though it can take time to do it properly. One warning though: don't only at the base size of your models but also at weapons spreading beyond that base. I made that mistake and now have to cut through the foam to help fit the miniatures. Not a big deal though.

  • 5
    Two Custom Trays

    Posted by Ryan Novak on 17th Feb 2020

    I purchased two custom trays for a friend's growing Imperial Guard army. My friend has written up some lore for his army and I requested a unique inscription for the foam based on that lore. Unfortunately, when the order arrived at his home, the inscription was missing! *gasp* I was pretty bummed out as the inscription would have taken the foam from great to amazing. I contacted Battlefoam and Stephanie both sympathized with my dilemma and also solved it! She had brand new custom trays made with the inscription added! So now my friend is super lucky and has 4 total custom trays! I cannot express how happy I was with Battlefoam for being understanding about the issue. Stephanie had it solved right away and I could not be happier! I will definitely be buying more from Battlefoam!

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