Star Wars Ships with Wave 3 Foam Tray (BFL-2)

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  • Star Wars Ships with Wave 3 Foam Tray (BFL-2)
  • Star Wars Ships with Wave 3 Foam Tray (BFL-2)



This tray will hold the following game pieces from the Star Wars X-Wing board game:

  • 4 X-Wing (Does not fit the T-70)
  • 2 Y-Wing
  • 4 A-Wing
  • 2 B-Wing
  • 1 Millennium Falcon
  • 2 HWKs
  • 7 TIE Fighters
  • 4 TIE Interceptors
  • 4 TIE Advanced
  • 3 TIE Bombers
  • 1 Slave I
  • 1 Lambda-class Shuttle

Custom text is not available on this product.

2 inch (50 mm) thick tray.

Tray Dimensions - 15.5W x 12L x 2.25H" (394W x 305L x 57H mm)

(Made for the Battle Foam P.A.C.K 1520XL, Air, 720, Go, 432, and 216 only)

Available through the US warehouse only.

Disclaimer: Battle Foam® and its products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games or Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. in any way.  Models pictured are for size comparison only. They are the personal property of Battle Foam employees.

Warning: This foam design is intellectual property of Battle Foam® and it is protected by Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction of this design is prohibited by Federal Law and is subject to criminal prosecution.

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6 Reviews

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    Posted by Unknown on 13th Sep 2014

    What I love about this tray is how much time it saves me. I used to spend about 30 minutes setting up and taking down my X-wing stuff whenever playing with another friend, and I've cut that down to about 5 to 10 minutes. This tray has a pretty reasonable assortment of options, especially since you can fit several ships in some of the slots, such as the Y wing. It has way too many TIE ADV slots, but that's not a huge problem. If you're filling the whole tray, you've got cash to buy another one anyway.

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    best tray for small collections

    Posted by Tim Christ on 26th May 2014

    I purchased this tray with a plan, while I just recently started my collection this tray lets me collect a little of everything which lets me experience every aspect of the game. for all you guys that don't like the depth of the tray for the fighters, you can either double up fighters per slots, I found if you put them in upside down so the peg is facing up you have little problems grabbing the ships, you can easily fit 3 awings or y wings that way, if you don't want that many ships, you could just store the ships with the pegs attached, this makes the ships very easy to remove and place in the foam, and you can be as carefull as you want to place them without breaking the models. so my plan with this tray was to get this and the token and template tray initially with the pack216 now that I have the huge ships, im going to get the pack plus, and the wave 4 tray when it comes out, if I don't like what they have for the wave 4 I may make a custom one, my 216 will be used to store the corvette and transports, I am completely in love with the adaptability of all the products here, its a little pricy but well worth it to keep your investments safe

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    Fits all i own

    Posted by Larabic on 13th Apr 2014

    Fits every ship i own with a few extra spots, great because i holds Imps and Rebels. A bit pricey but you probably just need the one.

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    Almost perfect, still very happy

    Posted by Bryan on 9th Apr 2014

    I bought this tray along with a P.A.C.K. 432 case. They fit perfectly together (as they are designed to) and the quality is very good. It is possible to stack several of the ships - all small ships (except Tie Bombers - they fit vertically, and B-Wings) can fit at least 2 ships per slot. The B-wing slots need to be a little bigger, as the ships fit too tightly. The X-Wing slots aren't as tight, but you need to be careful when removing them.

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    Battlefoam and X-wing perfect match

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Mar 2014

    This is an awesome storage system for my x-wing minis.

    The only criticism I have on the tray (extremely minor) is that I wish the slots for the b-wings were jus a smudge bigger, since the guns are pretty long and fragile.

    Other than that great work.

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    Foaming over the Star Wars minis

    Posted by Simon Taylor on 20th Jan 2014

    Having purchased a small fleet I was looking for a better storage option for my X-Wing ships. I bought two trays as the only thing better than one Millenium Falcon is two! (Ditto for Slave, and Lambda Shuttle. Good points about this tray are the very precise cutouts for ships; robust for stacking, and large enough to allow for fleet expansion. Downsides are the depth for some minis - eg A-wings - means they can disappear to the bottom although this is easily fixed with additional foam inserted into the spaces. The X-wings and B-wings also tend to hook the foam with the lasers which is annoying but otherwise easy to bend back into place. The other minor irritant is that the space is used so efficiently that it is not easy to customise the trays to fit your preferred storage toolbax, etc - I used aluminium tool cases with two of these trays. Overall, I am happy with the capacity of these trays and would purchase more if US postal charges weren't so prohibitive. Cheers, Si.

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