(Tau) Tau Troop Foam Tray (BFL)

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  • (Tau) Tau Troop Foam Tray (BFL)
  • (Tau) Tau Troop Foam Tray (BFL)



Liquidation Sale - 1 inch version now at a reduced price!

This tray can hold standard troops for a Tau army.

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1 inch (25 mm) thick tray with 28x 2 x 1 1/4 inch (51 x 31 mm) cut outs, 8x 1 1/2 x 2 inch (38 x 51 mm) cut outs and 5x 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch (64 x 38 mm) cut outs.

Tray Dimensions - 15.5W x 12L x 1.25H" (394W x 305L x 31H mm)

Also available in 1.5 inch (38 mm) thick tray.

Disclaimer: Battle Foam® and its products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Games Workshop, Ltd in any way.  If models are pictured, they are for size comparison only and are the personal property of Battle Foam employees.

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5 Reviews

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    Tau troops and pathfinders

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2016

    This will hold your Tau troops or pathfinders. Wished it would or another tray would hold the same units and turrets.

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    Feels beefy

    Posted by Christopher Hardman on 12th Feb 2016

    I got the 1.5" tray. I was really torn about which to get, the 1" tray that the rest of the reviewers recommended or the 1.5 in tray (which was the same price) Like I said, I went with the 1.5". Glad I did. My two squad leaders are holding their rifles in a vertical plane with their left arms pointing forward; this pose would have been a serious issue for the 1" tray, and is ALMOST an issue in the 1.5" tray (it isn't due to the fact that you can angle the miniature in such a way that the tip of the pulse rifle is JUST under the lip. I wish I could add photos to show how well everything fits, and how I laid out the two stubborn leaders. Very well put together, my only complaint was the greater then two week turn around (mine shipped in three) Besides that I would recommend.

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    Pretty darn good.

    Posted by Kyle colyer on 29th Oct 2014

    I got the 1.5 inch tray, it holds all the signature tau poses rather well, it will hold most standing up this way so i would recommend the 1 inch tray.

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    Great Troop Transport

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Aug 2013

    I purchased the 1.5" tray. I can stand all my basic troop upright in the tray, I don't even have to lay them down in the slots like the tray intends. I can fit all standard variants of Fire Warriors I have (from a crouching Shas'la with pulse rifle pointed nearly straight up, to a Shas'ui in the "running" pose with his pulse rifle straight out ahead of him). Basically, this tray fits ALL poses of the warriors, without the need for the square areas at the bottom. I found I can fit Stealth Suits in these with a little creativity. The foam is strong, sturdy, and I have no doubts this will protect my troops for a long time.

    I would recommend getting the 1" tray, as the 1.5" is just too tall for short men, who are supposed to be laying down in the first place.

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    Fits the pose of a firewarrior perfectly

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2013

    Like the title says they fit absolutely perfectly. Theres even space for the Shas'ui if you pose them differently or something at the bottom of the tray.

    Note that Kroot do not fit well at all in this tray. It is an absolute must buy for the tau player with firewarriors. I will recommend buying the 1.5 inch though. Much better for keeping the models safe from other trays catching on them even if you have a cover over them.

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