(720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)

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  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)
  • (720) P.A.C.K. 720 Molle Custom Load Out (Black)

Maximum file size is 999, file types are jpg, gif, pdf, svg

Maximum file size is 999, file types are jpg, gif, pdf, svg

Maximum file size is 999, file types are jpg, gif, pdf, svg

Maximum file size is 999, file types are jpg, gif, pdf, svg

Maximum file size is 999, file types are jpg, gif, pdf, svg

Maximum file size is 999, file types are jpg, gif, pdf, svg




The P.A.C.K. (Personal Army Combat Kit) 720 can fit 12.5 inches (318 mm) of Battle Foam Large (BFL) size foam trays (15.5W x 12L"). Its rugged, black Ballistic Nylon exterior protects a hard plastic interior built for strength and durability. The P.A.C.K. 720 also has a molle system, which allows you to further customize this bag to fit your specific storage and transportation needs.  Molle accessories offer storage solutions for tablets and books, dice and other gaming accessories as well as cell phones and additional personal items. To view and/or purchase these accessories, click here.  This bag does meet most airline requirements for carry on luggage.  However, please check with your airline to see if it exceeds their size limits to ensure it will meet your needs with regard to air travel.

  • Molle System on entire back side and front pocket of bag
  • Velcro strip on front flap for patches, badges, and pins
  • Large pocket on both sides which can hold Benson Boxes, tape measure, dice, templates, tokens, and cards
  • Personal information window pocket

Outside Bag Dimensions - 18W x 14L x 14H" (457W x 356L x 356H mm)

Front Pocket Dimensions - 10W x 8.5L" (254W x 216L mm)



This custom load out option comes with 12.5 inches (318 mm) of Battle Foam Large (BFL) size foam trays (15.5W x 12L")You have a number of options when it comes to filling your bag.  You can choose from the following:

  • Our Pre-Designed Selection of Battle Foam Large Trays (15.5W x 12L")
  • Custom Designed Trays (Click Here for the Custom Tray Creator)
  • Traced Models for a Unique Design (Click Here for tracing instructions)
  • All of the above!

When you are selecting trays to fill your bag, please add a 1/4 inch (6 mm) to every tray's thickness to allow space for the bottoms.

We will include foam toppers for any extra space that is left in the bag. Custom text or logos are not available on the toppers.

Battle Foam Small Foam Trays are not included in the custom load out, but can be purchased separately.



  • Browse our library of pre-designed Battle Foam Large foam trays before you choose to design your own. These trays are categorized by army for easy searching.



  • Next, you'll need to locate the height of the tray to make sure your selection will fit in the bag. The tray height will be listed under each tray description. Take this number, and add a 1/4". You'll need to follow this step for each tray you are putting into the bag. Example: A 6 inch thick tray will total 6.25" with the bottom added.

  • Type in the tray SKU under the "Standard Tray List" box of the custom load out. If more than one thickness is offered, please specify.




If you choose to design your trays, our Custom Tray Creator is a great tool that allows you to design every inch of foam to fit your army's specific needs. By using the custom tray creator, you ensure your load out will turn out exactly as you want. If at any time you require assistance in how to build your custom trays, please contact us via chat, email, or call us at 877-336-3626.

  • You will want to select the "Battle Foam Large" tray size for this bag. Custom text is available on the trays where available. It is very important that you select your own height for your custom tray.

    battle-foam-large-custom-tray-size.jpg custom-tray-depth.jpg

  • Once your tray design has been completed, save it to your computer and upload to the cart.




You may also provide traces that the designers will use to build your load out. All traces require a ruler on the side of the page for scaling purposes (a printable .pdf can be found here). Please keep in mind that this type of order will be left completely up to the discretion of the designer. By using this method, you understand that some variations in the design may occur. Unless the custom tray creator is used to design your trays, overall finish will be solely left up to our staff. Blueprints can be emailed upon request.






Please allow 3-4 weeks for design and production of custom foam. A representative will contact you prior to any changes made to your custom load out.

(Accessories pictured are not included with this product and must be purchased separately.)

Warning: The bag design is intellectual property of Battle Foam® and is protected by Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction of these designs is prohibited by Federal Law and is subject to criminal prosecution.

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent Product and Support

    Posted by John Hansen on 16th Jan 2018

    I did my research on army bags for quite some time before finally deciding to order a full custom cut PACK 720. The product in every way lives up to my expectations. The bag exterior is easy on the eye while offering protection comparable to a hard case at a fraction of the weight. The foam trays are amazing... my models fit snugly in place and look almost as good put away as they do on the table.

    I'd also like to note that despite having an issue where my initial shipment did not include the cutouts I had requested, customer service was quick to respond and get my replacements sent out to me. I've dealt with customer support a couple of times in planning my order(s) and I'd challenge you to find a company that is more willing to work with its customers to meet their needs. Thanks Cody!

  • 5
    Perfect Miniatures Case!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2017

    Fantastic miniatures case! it is better made than other brands, and it is the perfect size to bring a reasonably sized army (40K: 2k-3k points or so, with a variety of units) to battle. I also have a 1520, but the 720 is just the perfect size for travel. Still, I'll probably get another 1520, and TWO more 720's!

  • 4
    Great bag wish 4 and a half stars was an option.

    Posted by Richie Goins on 18th Jan 2017

    Good looking sturdy bag. Front pouch is really too thin to store anything in though. New studs on the bottom are an improvement on my previous P.A.C.K. 720. Bows and wobbles under its weight attached to the top of P.A.C.K Plus and P.A.C.K. 1520XL . Corners could use some reinforcing. Zippers to connect other pack products need to be tighter to prevent flexion and wobble i have partially fixed this by filling the gaps between packs with foam tray toppers. Shoulder strap is too wide and flat to be comfortable.

  • 5
    Strudy and good looking product!

    Posted by Karl-Johan Walander on 7th Nov 2016

    Just got my first battlefoam today and the thing that impresses me the most is the quality in durability and strudyness that not only the foam but also the bag have. I'm a gamer since 15 years back and have had my fair share of army transports but this product is beyond anything I have ever encountered in quality.

  • 5
    Great product.

    Posted by Jason Lee on 4th Oct 2016

    Great product. Solid customer service.

  • 5
    Initial Review

    Posted by Will on 3rd Jan 2016

    Just received this in the mail and to my surprise because with the custom trays, I was told it could take up to 8 weeks. I think it only took almost 4 weeks so that was incredible. The case itself is actually nicely crafted although the material is a little softer than anticipated. Being military and seeing the molle design, I expected something more "military grade". The kevlar is thin so I'm not sure how the material and stitching will hold up to attachments get snagged. Certainly not a deal breaker though. Carrying handle is riveted to the hard plastic interior so no worries there. Shoulder strap hooks are looped to a thick molle strap which is sewn down the entire sides of the case. I don't foresee that coming undone anytime soon either.
    Pretty standard zipper for opening the case. There's a bottom zipper which is much more robust and is used to connect other cases.
    Inside the case I had a all the trays custom made. They are absolutely awesome. Wish I could post picture. Wasn't a huge fan of their standard X-wing trays, but that's why they have and I used the custom tray builder.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the case and their foam trays. In fact, I'll be ordering a few more for my larger ships. Thanks Battlefoam.

  • 5
    Perfect Custom case for my army!

    Posted by Kyle Dooley on 26th Dec 2015

    Needed a case for my Eldar army. They have been sitting around on a table for a couple months. This case has made me want to keep making my new units so I finally have a place to put them. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Bag allows you to add another pack to it as well which will be perfect for when I expand to a second army.

  • 5
    Does as advertised!

    Posted by Aaron Hawthorn on 13th Dec 2015

    Lucky enough to get two 720 customs with Black Friday sale. Perfect storage and shipping containers for my Dread Mob.
    Sturdy, hard wearing, and the wife approves.

  • 5
    Great case!!

    Posted by Garry Leonard on 31st Oct 2015

    Really great way to move your models around. The foam is tough; much sturdier than the GW stuff. This means if you have a big heavy metal model right next to some fragile plastic models you'll be fine.

    Additionally the bottom of the foam has a thick backing to it. This keep the tray from sagging if you have any heavy models.

    The custom cut outs are amazing. I do wish that the customer app made it alittle easier to figure out what shapes they used to make some of the cut outs. For instance I wanted to create a tray for my kataphrons, but could find what cut out shape they used.

    Inside the case there is a nice pocket for one or two codexs.

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