Ryan's Hobby Hangout Star Wars Shatterpoint March 2024

Ryan's Hobby Hangout Star Wars Shatterpoint March 2024

Hey there, Battle Foam fans! My name’s Ryan and I’ve been a miniatures/wargaming nerd since I was 12 years old. One of my many roles here at Battle Foam is building all the new releases from Games Workshop, Asmodee and many other gaming companies. Every week I’m building some new release, and thought I’d add my two cents out into the community. Here I’d like to highlight some of my favorite aspects of building, maybe some things that grind my gears as well as some hobby tips for building each release.

This week we’re building a TON of Star Wars Shatterpoint sets which should all be currently available on Atomic Mass Games website. In total, we’re building 14 sets including 5 sets we have already. I’m most excited for the new Darth Vader and Luke releases, although Cade Bane along with Aurra Sing is another Pack to get excited for.

As per usual, Atomic Mass Games knocks it out of the park with these kits! They go together so easy, instructions aren’t even necessary. Luke’s box, Fearless and Inventive, was very interesting as it came with some variance when building Luke and R2-D2. Luke comes with two different bodies so you can decide which version of Luke you want to represent your Squad. The bodies I figured out are his outfit when he was on Jaba’s sail barge at the start of Return of the Jedi, and the other was his outfit when he went to face the Emperor at the end. R2-D2 was similar, where you could give him his drink service load out on the sail barge, or just traditional R2-D2. I opted for Luke and R2 to match.

The only issues I’ve ever had with Shatterpoint Miniatures are the Droids from the Clone Wars era. I’m not sure if there is anything that can be done, as it simply might just be the nature of droids, but a lot of their contact points are so small, it’s difficult to get a good grasp on them. General Grievous is a favorite of mine, but trying to glue him together can be a challenge if you try to build him quickly.

A hobby tip I could provide mostly pertains to building the said Droids. If you’re using plastic glue, sometimes it can take a few minutes for it to work and set, so I’d recommend working on two or three models at a time. Perhaps glue a piece to Grievous, then while you wait for that to set, glue a piece to Kraken, wait for that to set, then do a Super Battle Droid. Then by the time you assemble the Battle Droid, Grievous will be ready that you can move on to his next piece.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to check back next week for the build review of the plastic Solar Auxilia for Horus Heresy.

28th Mar 2024 Ryan Battle Foam

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