Ryan's Hobby Hangout Marvel Crisis Protocol March 2024

Ryan's Hobby Hangout Marvel Crisis Protocol March 2024

Hey there, Battle Foam fans! My name’s Ryan and I’ve been a miniatures/wargaming nerd since I was 12 years old. One of my many roles here at Battle Foam is building all of the new releases from Games Workshop, Atomic Mass Games, Parabellum, Privateer Press, and many other gaming companies. Every week I’m building some new release or two, and thought I’d add my two cents out into the community. Here I’d like to highlight some of my favorite aspects of building, maybe some things that grind my gears, as well as some hobby tips for building each release.

This week we’re building a TON of stuff for Atomic Mass Games' Marvel Crisis Protocol! This list includes: the Kingdom of Wakanda and Icons of Bast Terrain Packs, the Character Packs for Bishop, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Shadowcat, Professor X, Shadow King, M’Baku, Klaw, and Cosmic Ghost Rider, as well as the Rivals Panel: Battle For the Throne featuring King T’Challa and Killmonger Usurper.

This Rivals Panel is similar to the other others, but unlike the previous Spider-Man vs Doc Ock and Wolverine vs Sabretooth, King T’Challa (aka Black Panther) and Killmonger actually get new names, stats, and powers/abilities.

There are just not enough good things I can say about Atomic Mass Games when it comes to building. Their kits are so easy to put together and beginners should have little issues with them using the build guides. Speaking of their build guides, I feel it is a “like it or leave it” in that they are digital. You must go to their site or scan the QR code to pull it up which can put some off. Some might want a more tactile set of instructions, but at least I can’t misplace these ones! The Rivals Panel I think is their most ambitious one to date and they pulled it off! Once it’s all painted up, it would make a great show piece in anyone’s cabinet or bookshelf.

I genuinely can’t think of anything negative that came up while I was building all of the MCP sets. They are just dead simple design, well thought-out placement on the sprue, and very dynamic poses. Maybe the digital only nature of the instructions as mentioned above can be seen as a downside for some. Atomic Mass Games, keep up the fantastic work!

My only hobby tip I can provide this time around pertains to Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat,) or more specifically, her pet dragon Lockheed. I did have a little trouble getting him glued to the base, but that’s mostly due to my butter fingers. I’d recommend gluing his body together first, gluing that to the base, THEN gluing in the wings. Trying to build him all at once and then get him on the base was a nightmare for me, so maybe I’ll save you a little trouble. Heck, maybe the build guide suggests you do it that way although I wouldn’t know as the MCP models are so easy I usually build without a guide!

That’s it for this week of releases, next week we’re going to cover the recent releases of Star Wars Shatterpoint along with our new direction on how we Foam them up!

Don’t forget, all of these new builds have brand new Foam Trays to go with them, so if you are looking for the best miniature storage for your Marvel Crisis Protocol minis, shop with us at Battle Foam!

13th Mar 2024 Ryan Battle Foam

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