State of the Union

State of the Union

What a year 2020 has been! With one of the most memorable years in history now clear in our rear-view mirrors, we look to the future. Before we can do that, let’s take a quick journey down memory lane.

2020 affected the gaming world just like it affected the whole world. It took a giant crap on all of us. We had surprises nobody asked for and turns no one expected. We had political craziness on all fronts and a little virus that some of you may have heard of. Not only did 2020 throw the kitchen sink at us, but it got in the way of great gaming.

The hobby world as we know it basically got put on hold. No more game nights with friends, no more cool conventions to see new things, and sadly very few open game stores to hang out at. For the safety of all gamers and the general public, the gaming world simply pushed pause. Some would argue that gaming needed a pause like this to remind people to stay healthy. Not just by washing your hands, covering your mouth when you sneeze, and being mindful of others around you. It also reminded us that personal health needs to be taken seriously.

Eating nachos and washing them down with a Mt. Dew Code Red may not be the healthiest meal choice. Mainly 2020 put into perspective how fragile we all are. It reminded us how quickly our world could change and how important being good to each other really is. Not because someone tells you to be a good person, but because we all matter in some way to the overall machine working. Everyone does their part in some way to keep the balance of life, gaming, and business going.

As we make our way through 2021, life will slowly begin to resemble our old ways. Game stores will reopen, conventions will start up again, and our beloved gaming will continue.

Battle Foam has been pushing through these crazy times. Now that we have hopefully seen the end of the darker days, we look to the future for exciting news and good vibes. I personally know that keeping our minds on the positive days sure makes the negative ones go by much faster. That is why we have so many exciting plans for Battle Foam in 2021 and the years to come.

Our goal this year is to continue making top-quality storage solutions you have come to know and love. We have hired new employees to help propel Battle Foam into new directions. Look for Battle Foam’s new sleeker image compared to what you have all known for years. A new look for Battle Foam means more new products to assist the gamer with all their traveling needs. Not only will gamers have protection for their minis but options for other travel needs. Things like tech gadgets, toiletries, passports, personal goods, and clothes. We also plan on expanding Battle Foam into new areas and markets. Battle Foam Designs, Battle Foam Lifestyle, Battle Foam Golf, and of course, Battle Foam will all be creating new products in 2021.

We want gamers to feel like they have one, great trustworthy source for all their storage needs. With a one stop shop for all your gear, you get the same reliable warranties plus top-notch customer service. Not to mention the durability and quality that all our customers have seen for years. These types of products and additions to our current range are all on the schedule for 2021 and beyond. We want this new year to be a light at the end of a weird and creepy tunnel we all are heading out of together. We want Battle Foam to be there for game stores when they open with the coolest and most exciting products possible.

Let’s turn our sights to the future and put the past behind us. Let’s be good to each other and remember that we all play a part in this crazy world. Mostly, let’s get back to having fun and rolling some dice.

Be kind, be safe, and be mindful.

Foamy Overlord


Battle Foam 

1st Mar 2021 Foamy Overlord Romeo

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